Artist Statement:

Do you ever get that feeling, “What is it about this place”? It can start with a simple attraction to a scene passed on a daily drive. I may photograph that place or object for years before figuring out how it fits into my work or what its gravity means. I’m usually attracted to a certain vacancy, a somewhat illusive stage, waiting for an old yellowing family photo to take the spotlight.

I collect these places, objects, or trinkets with my camera and let them slowly simmer, adding to elements for various collections.  Eventually the image forms, a surreal concoction of vivid dreams, visions and a strong reliance on an overabundant and occasionally fearsome imagination. The images emote a feeling of contemplation, melancholy, and reverence for the past.

I am an image-maker. I do not see these photographic elements, digital files, or 4×5 pieces of paper from my past as simply decisive moments, but collectively as an opportunity to tell a story. My tools of photographic sorcery consist of light, a camera and computer to construct narratives that speak to the innocence of childhood, poignancy of aging, familial relationships, and how we are deeply connected to our environment.

My newer work has slimmed down in process and honed in on form, texture, and color. Through the use of toy cameras and Iphone I try to capture vignettes speak to the passage of time much like in my other montage work. The images are more than a documentation of relics; each is a form of self-portrait.

I am ever fascinated by the transformation from new to old, and the vague space in between.